Ultimate Privacy-Preserving Messaging Platform for

  • Collaboration
  • Product Training
  • Engagement

for your Distributed Workforce

Serious Concerns with Usage of Consumer Apps

Consumer messaging applications doesn't secure your content & data by users from being shared, forwarded, copied, or through screenshots but still be the best way to work.​

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Built for businesses with high privacy standards, productivise is your “private” platform for secure group communication, engagement and work management, with full administration and control on its usage.


Dedicated, Secure Closed User Group

"because what belongs to the organization - should remain with the organization"​

Highly Confidential

Productivise ensures that only the right users can access your content.

Messages and documents are restricted for circulation within the organization defined departments, projects, cases, or custom task groups, and cannot be forwarded, copied, and saved outside the app.

Intelligent 3D Groups

Productivise, at its core, is built-in with an intelligent grouping algorithm that allows you to segment and group users using a combination of role, location, project, and tasks.

There is an advanced capability to support real-time and spontaneous team formation.

Advanced Messaging Architecture

Large scale outreach and engagement necessitates discipline in communication. Productivise provides for four messaging architecture namely, Broadcast, 1-way moderated, 2-way interactive, and Peers to bring purposeful specificity to group and ensure no personal or side communication.

Mirrors Organization Structure

Whether it's a communication that needs to follow a top-down or a bottom-up protocol or a case-specific update, Productivise maintains the working organization structure between field staff, office staff and headquarters.

Authorized Publication and Distribution

Critical & important communication needs quick attention. Productivise allows subject matter experts to directly put information in dedicated folders in the app to avoid updates getting lost in the maze of chat threads and messages.

The platform can track who created, who circulated, and when the content was uploaded, ensuring only a single version of approved content remains in circulation.